Whitfield Clinic partners with major health insurers

Mr. David Beirne, CEO Whitfield Clinic
If a venue in the South East stated it had 25,000 through its doors in 2014 you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a tourist attraction. However, this figure represents the number of patients that attended a private and independent hospital in Waterford.

These patients attended Whitfield Clinic for elective procedures, thus avoiding the main stream system, availing of their health insurance and proactively choosing Whitfield. 

This volume of elective work places Whitfield as a major player in healthcare in the South East of Ireland.

Whitfield Clinic, Waterford’s private healthcare facility, now partners with all the major health insurance companies, in order to provide the best level of health care to its patients.

Commenting on the partnership with the main health insurance providers, Mr. David Beirne, CEO, Whitfield Clinic, said, “Since Whitfield Clinic opened in 2006 we have strived to provide the best level of private patient care in the South East region. This standard of quality is endorsed by our CHKS accreditation and ISO 9001:2008 certification. We are the first private hospital in Ireland to achieve this prestigious dual award; it is something we are very proud of.  Our services are growing rapidly and along with 60 consultants, a further 300 medical, surgical and administrative professionals are employed here.”

Whitfield Clinic provides 40 private beds, a 24 bed day surgery unit, four operating theatres, an endoscopy suite and an oncology day ward.  Private health insurance customers can avail of the extensive range of services, all available to view on www.whitfieldclinic.ie.

Mr. Beirne added, “By partnering with the main insurance companies, VHI, Laya, Aviva and GLOHealth, anybody that has private health insurance can benefit from Whitfield’s resources to ensure their hospital experience is as comfortable as possible.”

“As all procedures carried out at Whitfield are elective, this reduces the waiting time to as little as one week for most procedures and an average inpatient stay of two or three nights.”

“Patients get invaluable peace of mind knowing exactly when they will be seen and when their procedure will be undertaken.  More often than not, it is this uncertainty that causes undue stress and anxiety to anyone who is unwell. That’s why by choosing Whitfield that uncertainty is alleviated.”

Whitfield Clinic also provides a wide range of diagnostic and support provisions including MRI, Ultrasound, X-Ray and CT, with almost 1,100 patients availing of these services last December alone.

To find out more about Whitfield Clinic and the Whitfield Radiotherapy and Cancer Treatment Centre, visit www.whitfieldclinic.ie or call 051 – 337400.