Waterford Credit Union – on line!

Do you want to check your balance, get a statement, transfer money or apply for a loan? If you are a member of Waterford Credit Union you don’t have to call to either of their branches at Parnell Street or Grange.

But what is on line banking?

If you’re like most people, you’ve heard a lot about online banking but probably haven’t tried it yourself. You still pay your bills by direct debit, by mail and lodge cheques at your bank branch, much the way your parents did. You might shop online for a present, insurance or a holiday, but when it comes time to commit, you feel more comfortable working directly with your Credit Union.
Online banking isn’t about changing your money habits. Instead, it uses today’s technology to give you the option of bypassing the time-consuming, paper-based aspects of traditional banking in order to manage your finances more quickly and efficiently.

What are the advantages of online services?

Unlike your branch, online services never close; available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they’re only a mouse click away. You can even apply for a loan with Waterford Credit Union on line.

If you’re away from home or even out of the country when a money problem arises, you can log on instantly to Waterford Credit Union and take care of business 24/7.

Transaction speed & Effectiveness:
Online services can be completed at a quicker pace than ATM or counter processing speeds.

You can manage, move and monitor all of your credit union accounts from one secure site.

You can manage all of your assets more effectively.

This is just another step that Waterford Credit Union have made in order to improve their services for their members. General Manager, Ilonda Parle, is delighted with the service, “We’re so please to offer this product. It’s very exciting that our members can access their accounts from home or work. Of course we’re happy to meet our members and it is important to keep in touch with them but we must keep up with technology and changing times for the sake of our membership base and the future of our Credit Union”.

Waterford Credit Union is currently offering personal demonstrations in both branches on various days during the month of July where a member of staff will show you exactly how to register and use the on line system. These demonstrations mirror an on-line demonstration available on Waterford Credit Union’s website. And don’t forget there’s a free draw for an Apple iphone for all who register on line in July

Waterford Credit Union operates from Parnell Street and Upper Grange. For more details of the services available check out www.waterfordcu.ie