Uoto takes the travel industry by storm

Uoto is the brainchild of Praveen Kaur. Uoto is a peer-to-peer car rental company that aims to revolutionise the way people rent cars at airports. Uoto allows people to park their cars for free at airports when they are going on holidays. Uoto valets their cars and rents them to income passengers, making car owners money while they holiday abroad.

It teams up car owners flying out of Ireland with incoming passengers. Car owners save on parking at airports and make money when travelling abroad. The renters get a personalised car rental and concierge service as soon as they enter the country. No long queues at car rental desks, Uoto staff meet them outside arrivals with their selected car.

It’s a simple idea, made manifest from Praveen’s specific skill set and experiences. Born in India, Praveen has been living in Ireland since she was 16. A former financial director of an Irish start up, she decided to travel the world in 2021. The cost of insurance and difficulties with car hire during her travels sowed the seed that would create Uoto, “Prior to travelling, I tried to rent my car. I was paying about one thousand for the insurance and thought if I can rent it for six or seven months to just cover my insurance it would be ideal but couldn’t find a platform to do so.

“There are serious issues with the car rental sector, and I believe my app might be a solution to at least some of them. Uoto’s aim is to solve problems such as poor customer service, shortage of available cars to rent, lack of choice and of course the hassle at airports when you just want to be on your way.

“It was mid 2022 when I finally started work on the idea. I contacted Enterprise Ireland, who very kindly introduced me to the New Frontiers programme. On completing phase one I then applied for phase two and was selected for SETU Waterford. So, I decided to move my base from Dublin to Waterford and I absolutely love my new home here.”

Praveen met Jacqui Gaule of the Local Enterprise Office Waterford during the New Frontiers programme. Jacqui invited her to take part in the LEO’s Pitch Perfect competition, which she ended up winning. The competition included a 2-day boot camp and on winning she received €1,000 in cash for her business.

“I’m so grateful to have been put in touch the Local Enterprise Office, they’ve been a great help from the first meeting. The Pitch Perfect competition was such fun and really inspiring. I met so many fellow entrepreneurs and the LEO also set me up with an incredible mentor. My next step with the LEO is to investigate further supports it offers, such as its feasibility grant.”

Uoto, currently live in beta, is soft launching at Dublin airport in July of this year. Car owners can register their interest at www.uotoapp.com. The future certainly looks bright for Praveen as she endeavours to revolutionise the car rental market.