The future for SMB’s is clear as groundbreaking Waterford IT company introduces “cloud computing”

When Hegarty Computer Services was established in 1994 one of its main objectives was to provide IT solutions to SME’s in the South East. Today, 16 year later whilst IT solutions are still an integral part of what the company does, it has moved on to provide innovative business solutions to the SMB market.

Keeping in tune with the ever evolving technologies in the IT sector, HCS has developed a suite of managed services that reflect the shift towards “cloud computing.” Although the term seems rather nebulous, in essence cloud computing ultimately has a simple purpose: it allows end users to leverage the Internet for application use, data storage, and other tools. Not only that but cloud options are more cost effective, there is no need for on site backup and no more costs associated with managing IT infrastructure.

The latest development from HCS Business Solutions is the innovative “Tech” range – a suite of managed services called TechWatch, TechAssure and TechSolve.

This trilogy of advanced remote managed services clearly demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation and development of cloud solutions to the small and medium sized business markets.

According to Neil Phelan, Sales Director, HCS Business Solutions, this new mantel of managed services will give HCS customers a remote, reliable and transparent IT service resulting in greater uptime and more business stability.

“The introduction of TechWatch, TechAssure and TechSolve is a new departure in IT solutions, specifically geared towards the SMB market.”

Mr. Phelan added, “We developed the triumvirate of services after talking to our customers and extensively researching the small and medium sized enterprise markets. By listening to our clients we found that they wanted IT solutions that were accountable and more importantly reliable, and they wanted them looked after elsewhere. That’s why the Tech brands offer a phased level of monitoring and managed services which are tailor made to suit the individual requirements and budgets of small and medium sized companies.”

This “cloud computing” will principally allow the SMB sector to get on with the business of running their business without the worry of managing IT services or paying exorbitant consultancy fees.

Dan Hegarty, Director, HCS Business Solutions said, “Competitiveness and transparency are crucial in business today, now more than ever. Most SMB’s will need to see distinct advantages to installing a remote managed system.

TechWatch ensures early detection and prevention of network problems, TechAssure provides companies with a suite of maintenance and monitoring services and TechSolve delivers technology solutions that can save money and provide companies with a competitive edge.”

Today, HCS is accredited with a unique set of partnerships and accreditations that offers customers complete business solutions. With some of the highest accreditations in the industry HCS Business Solutions has plans to continue to grow and offer more and more exciting software innovations to customers in the South East.

For further information about HCS Business Solutions and the latest suit of managed services log onto or call 051 595200.