TechCloud technology gets business going!

HCS Business Solutions, an innovative IT services provider, has been a long time advocate of cloud solutions for businesses in the South East. Over the last three years developments in the IT sector have been gradually moving towards “the cloud”.

With many facets and benefits to SME’s cloud computing effectively has a simple purpose; it allows end users to leverage the Internet for application use, data storage and other tools. Not only that but cloud options are more cost effective, there is no need for on site backup and no more costs associated with managing IT infrastructure.

HCS Business Solutions has developed a new range of IT services, called TechCloud. By delivering this range of services via the cloud computing delivery model, TechCloud will give businesses access to a public or private “cloud” that will ensure a remote, reliable and transparent IT service resulting in greater uptime and more business stability.

According to Neil Phelan, Director of HCS Business Solutions, the cloud is invariably the way forward for businesses of all sizes. “Cloud computing is set to make all businesses re-evaluate their current IT services.”

“The benefits of cloud computing are manifold. Not only does cloud computing reduce productivity costs by eliminating the need for hardware, servers and upgrades, maintenance costs are also eliminated as all cloud services are outsourced to external servers.”

“While the economic climate remains fragile, particularly for small businesses, any service that helps to reduce costs, increase competitiveness and provide greater data security is a very welcome addition to the IT landscape.”

Mr. Phelan added that cloud computing also opens up new opportunities for new and small business enterprises with limited access to resources. With cloud computing businesses can be run with just a few computers and internet capability.

The TechCloud Cloud Services portfolio includes a wide range of product services such as; Office 365 which gives greater access to email, calendar and contacts from virtually anywhere at any time; SharePoint Online and Lync Online, which brings interactions with colleagues and customers to a new level. Another service is Online Data Backup and Email security, which provides email security, content control, business continuity and encryption.

TechCloud Security also protects servers, desktops and laptops ensuring a secure IT network.

Mr. Phelan added that most companies and consumers are already using some form of cloud technologies and may not consider themselves as being cloud users. Services such as Online Backup and Remote Email Filtering are cloud based technologies that are being utilised already by many companies that are now beginning to reap the benefit of the cloud!

For further information about HCS Business Solutions TechCloud services or to avail of a free Cloud Computing assessment, log onto or call 051 595200