Solas Centre’s “Food for Life” whets the appetite!

The Solas Centre, the cancer support charity dedicated to supporting cancer patients in the south east region, recently held its first “Food for Life” event.
The event gave those affected by cancer a better understanding of nutritional needs and what foods have a beneficial effect on health and well being.
Iain Munro, Chairman of the South Eastern Cancer Foundation was delighted with the evening, which was a “resounding success.”
“The Food for Life evening was a great initiative and we hope to roll out a series of similar events for the Centre’s clients in the future.  Almost 40 Solas Centre clients attended on the evening, where they were given a very insightful talk on nutrition by Senior Dietitian with Waterford Regional Hospital, Sandra Scally” said Mr. Munro.
“Good nutrition is especially important to those with cancer because both the illness and its treatment can affect one’s appetite. Cancer and cancer treatments can also affect ones’ body’s ability to tolerate certain foods and use nutrients.”
Following the talk on nutrition, award winning chef Michael Quinn of Waterford Castle treated the audience to a cookery demonstration, producing three appetising and nutritious dishes.
Mr. Munro added, “This type of event is of great benefit to those affected by cancer.  Not only did they receive practical advice on nutrition, they were then able to see how easy it is to turn fresh local produce into tasty and healthy dishes.”
Maureen Reynolds, who attended Food for Life said the evening “did her the power of good.”  She added “It was a lovely evening and the atmosphere was warm and welcoming.  I learned so much from the dietitian about the importance of proper diet. The cookery demonstration was fantastic as it showed us how simple it is to prepare tasty dishes with little effort.”  Maureen is already looking forward to the next Food for Life event.
Mr. Munro acknowledged the generosity of the local businesses that supported the event, including Ardkeen Quality Food Stores, which supplied the ingredients and the produce display, Commercial Refrigeration for supplying the catering equipment, dietitian Sandra Scally and Michael Quinn of Waterford Castle.
Each year 2000 people across the South East are diagnosed with cancer.  Now regarded as one of the finest cancer support facilities in the country today, the Solas Centre provides a series of health and education initiatives, client programmes, art programmes, support groups, and counselling services for the region’s cancer patients and their families.
For further information about the Solas Centre and the services it provides call 051 304604 or visit