Seafield National School visited by RTE

Seafield National School in Bunmahon, Co. Waterford was recently visited by RTE as they showcased their recent investment in ICT (Information and Communications Technology). RTE’s South Eastern correspondent Damien Tiernan talked with the pupils and teachers to find out how ICT has impacted on their day to day learning.

The two classroom school has benefited greatly from shared resource computing with the aid of the Government’s technology grant.

According to Ann Coffey, Principal of Seafield NS “Since we installed the system the children have enjoyed a more enhanced learning experience. We now have six workstations running on one computer in our classroom which just take the space of one small desk. Computer learning and access to the internet is now part of daily student activities.”

The shared resource computing was installed by local company Waterford Computer Repair Centre, which has packaged a suite of products such as Microsoft software, shared computing devices, a PC and up to eleven LCD screens. This package has been specifically designed for primary and secondary schools to offer a low cost, minimal maintenance and green I.T. solution which allows pupils to share the computing resources of one single PC.

Sean Hegarty, Director of WCRC, said “Recent focus in schools has been on teaching aides like interactive whiteboards, visualisers and teaching computers. Shared resource computing is a great way of getting computer workstations into classrooms for pupils to use.”

“Recent studies indicate that not only does shared computing enable greater involvement and interaction from the student at a much lower cost, it’s green, it marries technology and learning like never before and it utilises classroom space better.”

“If pupils have access to computers and to the internet for daily learning this will go a long way towards preparing our young people in a smart economy.”

For further information about the advantages of shared resource computing from WCRC log onto or call 051 592015