Renew backs National Reuse Month

October is Ireland’s National Reuse Month,a waste prevention initiative to raise awareness about the economic and environmental benefits of reusing everyday items and materials that would otherwise go to waste.

On October 17th, Renew Enterprises will hold an Open Morning at its premises at Lacken Road Business Park to raise awareness about the reuse work the centre does in preventing waste going to landfill.

Renew is a not-for-profit Social Enterprise operated by Treo Port Lairge CLG, established to create full-time employment for people who have been distant from the labour market. Committed to social inclusion and social justice, the enterprise provides opportunities for those to learn, train and practice new skills and to experience working in a real time working environment. 

Renew services and repairs everyday items such as bicycles, wheelchairs, lawnmowers, strimmers and hedgecutters for customers. In addition, Renew repurposes discarded pallets into furniture and kindling.  The enterprise also strips end-of-life machines (those that are beyond economical repair) and reconditions the parts taken from them. This reduces the amount of waste going to landfill and has the added benefit of reducing repair costs for customers. 

Renew’s manager Nicola Tull says, “Our policy is that we reduce our waste output as much as possible. We operate a busy workshop that services and repairs a whole range of mechanical and everyday items for our customers at a reduced cost.  In many cases when the item is beyond repair, we strip the parts that can be reused, thus reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill.”

“We were very fortunate to receive a grant from Waterford City and County Council which allowed us to purchase new equipment that helps us with the servicing aspect of the organisation.  The more everyday items we can service and repair for our customers, the less likely they are to end up being binned.  Something as simple as extending the life span of a bicycle or a lawnmower can help reduce waste and have many economic and environmental benefits.”

“Throughout the Open Morning on October 17th, we will have talks about how to prolong the life of your mower and basic health and safety considerations. There will be demonstrations on how best to store your mower over the winter to increase its lifespan.  We will also be demonstrating how the new equipment we purchased with the Council grant is helping us prevent waste ending up in landfill.”

The Renew Enterprises Reuse Open Morning takes place between 10am and 1pm on Thursday, October 17that Unit 2, Block 4, Lacken Road, Business Park, Kilbarry (in the TREO building).  All are welcome and light refreshments will be served.  To find out more visit 

This project is supported by the Department of Rural and Community Development and Pobal through the Community Services Programme.