Rapid Cabs, taking care of the aged seriously

Any business who deals with Waterford Seniors over 50,000 times each year needs to take its duty of care seriously.

That is why Rapid Cabs taxi company has teamed up with NAS Centre & Home Instead Senior Care to make sure its drivers are qualified and competent when it comes to their safety and the safety and security of senior passengers.

The first Phase of the training Rapid Cabs has signed up for includes is Manual Handling & People moving training being delivered by the NAS Centre.  This is to equip the drivers with the necessary skills to assist their customers into the car in manner that is safe for themselves and the customer.  This could be using the wheelchair ramps or simply a helping hand getting into the passenger seat. Home Instead Senior Care will provide senior safety awareness and dementia awareness training to the drivers.

Rapid Cabs Managing Director Eric O’Brien, explains why this training is so important, “All progressive businesses are constantly seeking to provide a better service to their customers and improve. Everyone at Rapid Cabs feels strongly that they have a responsibility to their customers. This responsibility is even more important to our more vulnerable passengers. Our drivers need to know how to help each and every customer when they need us. That is why we decided to undertake this training. It’s a signal to the public and to ourselves they we must continue to improve and develop as a business and as people.”

Michael Connolly, Managing Director of NAS Centre was delighted to be approached by Rapid Cabs, “This is exactly the progressive thinking which we value. We have given this form of training many times but never to this profession. We are pleased Rapid Cabs has shown the foresight and responsibility of care required in their industry.”

‘Better understanding of the needs of seniors will really enhance the customer service being provided by Rapid Cabs and we are delighted to help them’. Danette Connolly, Director of Care Home Instead Senior Care explains.

Rapid Cabs is a family run business located in Waterford City. Established in 2000 with only five taxis, it now has the largest range of taxis in the south east of Ireland, including taxis, hackneys, people carriers, wheelchair taxis and a large range of coaches.

Open and accessible 24 hours a day 365 days a year, Rapid Cabs has a fully computerised booking dispatch system from its local taxi call centre and has installed in-car computers in all of its taxis to ensure as such efficiency as possible.

Rapid Response is the company’s automated priority booking service, when you register your telephone number and your four main pick up locations with Rapid Cabs their system detects your landline number and asks you to confirm your address so you can literally book a taxi in seconds. This service is particularly important to the elderly who regularly use the Rapid Cabs service and enjoy the security if gives.
Eric and his team are committed to providing customer service, security and safety, rapid response and accessibility. These are the core elements to the Rapid Cabs business and the reasons why they have grown over the past fifteen years.