Planet Gig Guide updates to provide festival safety tips!

Planet Gig Guide, a free app offering comprehensive, up to date listings of the all the festivals and events taking place in Ireland, recently updated its content to provide personal safety tips for concert and festival goers this summer.
The app now provides a list of festival “do’s and don’ts” to ensure festival goers are safe at all times, whether travelling to or at a festival event.
According to Richard Cahill, Business Manager with Planet Gig Guide, some highly publicised disorder at some recent events prompted Planet Gig Guide to promote and increase awareness of personal safety at festivals this summer.
“The majority of concert goers go to follow the music and have a good time, however, it is hard to legislate for the small minority intent on causing harm to themselves and others.”
“Although the new safety tab contains straightforward and sensible information, it is useful to have on hand when planning your festival visit.”
The app relays a host of useful tips such as ensuring your phone is fully charged before you go. If you get separated from your friends it is invaluable in making contact.  However, in cases where there is little or interrupted phone coverage, prearrange a meeting point with your friends, in case you get lost or separated from the group.
Drink plenty of water and try to avoid excessive alcohol consumption. Too much alcohol and sunshine can also maximize the effects of alcohol, so pace yourself, remember water is a must and wear sunscreen.
If you are driving to the concert make a note of where you left your car and the same applies if you are at a camping festival – you may think you can remember where you pitched your tent, but things look very different at night returning from a ten hour mosh!
Fr. Paul Murphy of Order of Malta Ireland also welcomed the personal safety tab to the Planet Gig Guide app.  He said “The Order of Malta is present at the majority of major sporting and music events throughout Ireland.  Whilst we always appeal to concert goers to act responsibly and be aware of first aid provisions at venues, this app will reinforce the precautions one should take when one is at an unfamiliar venue surrounded by thousands of people.”
“Most people go to concerts because they are genuine music fans.  Unfortunately, however we regularly witness scenarios where people jeopardise their own personal safety, even before the concert has started.  By following some straight forward safety tips and being responsible, an unforgettable experience is guaranteed.”
Richard added “There is a wealth of fantastic music, food and arts festivals taking place in this country over the coming months; all well – run festivals at which visitor safety is paramount.  However, by taking responsibility for your own safety and that of your friends and family you will ensure a memorable time.”
To keep up to date on all the live music events, festivals and concerts happening throughout Ireland and the “do’s and don’ts” for the festival season,  just download the free Planet Gig Guide app from the Apple and Android stores, or find out more on Facebook at