New Waterford Insurance Company “breaks away from the Pack”

With almost 700,000 Irish households owning a bicycle and more than 2% of all journeys being made by bicycle, a new initiative by two avid cyclists has been launched to ensure all cyclists are fully covered! is Ireland’s only dedicated cycle insurance website and offers a level of cover that is flexible enough to suit individuals or groups, such as club cyclists, tri-athletes, leisure cyclists, mountain bikers, and families.

CycleSure is the brainchild of two Waterford businessmen and cycling enthusiasts, Brendan Mulhall and Shane Hamm. Brendan has over 20 years experience in the insurance industry working both in large insurance companies, multi agency intermediaries and on a self employed basis, whilst Shane has amassed valuable sales and business development experience and also spent seven years in the insurance industry.

According to Mulhall, “Cycling has made a phenomenal comeback in recent years due to sustainability, health factors and the hugely popular Government bike scheme. The premise of CycleSure is to ensure that the cyclist, regardless of the level they are at, can enjoy full insurance cover for their bikes, themselves and the public.”

Shane Hamm added “At present, the availability of cycle insurance is quite limited in Ireland. At CycleSure we will be the definitive source for cycle insurance for all cyclists – professional, amateur and leisure.”

Waterford City Council has also been active in promoting and encouraging cyclists to get out and about over the summer. According to Niall Kane, Senior Engineer, Waterford City Council, “Cycling is increasing in popularity as a way to quickly and easily get around the city. Waterford City Council is encouraging this by the provision of cycle lanes and dedicated cycle parking within the city, through the promotion of events such as Bike Week 2010 and through the publication of a cycling skills leaflet in association with CycleSure.”

As part of a wider insurance portfolio CycleSure will also supply a registration system for customers that acts as a means for stolen cycles to be returned to customers. The system will involve two labels being supplied with the insurance policy. One label will be a prominent label stating the bicycle has an invisible ID mark. This second label will include a registration number which can be read by the Garda Siochana, which notifies Cyclesure, which in turn notifies the bicycle’s rightful owner.

CycleSure will be exhibiting at the Phoenix Park in Dublin during Bike Week which takes place throughout Ireland from June 13th to June 20th and will also be making an appearance at the People’s Park in Waterford during Bike Week.

For more information about how CycleSure can get you and your bicycle covered visit or call 1800 85 55 57.