NAS develops workshop for those caring for family and friends

The NAS Training Centre has developed a workshop for those caring for family or friends.  The workshops, entitled ‘People Moving Workshop for Family Carers’, will be available in March.  They will provide vital and practical information about how to move people with less effort and how to look after your back.

Back injuries are prevalent in many health service workers, carers and those with the responsibility of moving patients and this prompted the NAS Training Centre to create a workshop that looks at ways of avoiding back injury and making it easier for family carers.  The NAS Training Centre provides training in this area to Nurses and Carers and the content of these workshops is based on the same techniques.

According to Census 2011 there are there are 4,823 family carers in Waterford providing valuable care and support.  It’s very important that these carers have access to the learning skills that will assist them to carry out this role.

Ray Power, Manager of NAS Training Centre said the course is relevant to family carers who have to assist family members stand, walk or move them when they are in bed.  “In many cases carers have to move family members on a regular basis.  This is, more often than not, done without any training.  Appropriate training, advice and practical demonstrations will give participants on the course an understanding of how to look after themselves and avoid injury.”

“The course content is comprehensive and covers areas such as looking after your back, safe moving techniques, chair to chair / bed transfers, and also demonstration of equipment such as sliding sheets and hoists” he added.

The three hour People Moving Workshops take place at the NAS Training Centre, Cleaboy Business Park, Old Kilmeaden Road on March 6th and March 18th.

For further information or to book your place call NAS Training Centre on 051 333960 or visit