Mr. Binman launches free recycling service to Waterford City and County

Mr. Binman, the multi award-winning waste recycling company, is leading the “green revolution” by offering the people of Waterford City and County a free recyclable collection service.

Joe Cleary of Mr Binman, one of the country’s most progressive and environmentally conscious waste management companies, was delighted to introduce this free service to Waterford City and County. According to Joe, this is a win – win situation for the people of Waterford. “It’s very simple; Waterford people are being charged by the Local Authorities to recycle by having to buy bin-tags or recycling bags. The cost of recycling in some areas is limiting households and that is why Mr. Binman has launched the “Free for all” recycling strategy”.

Last week it was announced Local Authority charges such as bin collections, commercial water provisions and car parks, may be subject to an increase of up to 21% from July, due to changes in VAT legislation. In contrast Mr. Binman is hoping to help drastically increase Waterford’s recycling levels by encouraging people to recycle for free.

Joe Cleary continued “Mr. Binman is cheaper than the Council services anyway but if a householder wants to just get their recycling collected by us, free of charge, then they will save up to €120 a year.”

He added “All households in the city and county can now avail of free recycling collections, even though they are not currently customers of Mr. Binman. By simply getting a special sticker and recycling bags from Mr Binman, your recycling is collected free of charge as part of Mr Binman’s collection run. It’s as straight forward as that.”

Householders can collect free stickers and recycling bags from Mr Binman’s stall at City Square, Waterford, by logging onto or by calling the office on 051 643144.

Mr Binman is the current Repak Recycling Contractor of the Year and is constantly striving to increase the amount of recycling. The more material that is recycled, the less waste going to landfill which is better for this and future generations.

Joe Cleary said “The challenge for us all is to make small modifications in our day to day practises. Small but significant steps such as reducing, reusing and recycling our waste can make a big difference.”

Cleary added “By joining Mr. Binman’s Green Revolution we are all playing a small part in recycling our waste and because it’s free, we will all feel the benefit. If people like our recycling service, we have cheaper rates on the other bins too so they can try us for free and save money before making any decisions”.

Mr Binman is a family run waste and recycling company that employs over 150 people in the South East region.

For further information and details of where to obtain Mr. Binman stickers or recycling bags log onto or call 051 643144.