Mr. Binman cleans up Waterford’s Harvest Festival

As Festival sponsor, Mr. Binman supplied the food, recycling and general waste disposal for the Waterford Harvest Festival outdoor events, including the Big Street Barbeque, Picnic in the Park, GIY Street Feast and the Amazing Grazing event on the South Quays.

Gary O’Keeffe, Mr. Binman Commercial Manager, said of the sponsorship “This is a wonderful opportunity for a company like Mr. Binman to partner with one of Ireland’s largest artisan natural food festivals.”

“Waterford Harvest Festival aims to educate people in the appreciation of good, clean, fair food. Similarly, Mr. Binman is encouraging people to make small changes in their attitudes towards recycling and to act more responsibly towards the environment.”

Mr Binman is constantly striving to increase the amount of waste recycled. The more material that is recycled, the less waste going to landfill which is better for this and future generations.

Mr. O’ Keeffe added, “The challenge for us all is to make small modifications in our day to day practises. Small but significant steps such as reducing, reusing and recycling our waste can make a big difference.”

Mr Binman is a family run waste and recycling company that employs over 150 people in the South East region. For further information and details about Mr. Binman log onto or call 051 643144.

Pictured at the launch of the 2011 Waterford Harvest Festival were Michael Garland (Waterford Chamber of Commerce), Gary O’ Keeffe (Mr. Binman), Mayor of Waterford, Cllr. Pat Hayes and Lynn Cahill (Waterford City Council).