Monty Python member honoured with Waterford work of art

What do the Angel Pub in London, Keane’s Road and Sean Egan Art Glass have in common?  They were all instrumental in the unique commission and creation of a glass poster, honouring Monty Python member, Graham Chapman, who died in 1989 at the age of 48.
In June 2011, it was announced that Monty Python had begun production on their first film project since the Meaning of Life in 1983. The film, A Liar’s Autobiographyis an animated 3D movie based on the memoirs of the late Python member.
Alan Lynagh, a member of the British Comedy Society, was involved in the unveiling of a plaque at the Angel Pub in Highgate, London to commemorate Chapman.  Alan suggested to the makers of the film “A Liar’s Autobiography” that a glass memorial piece to honour the comedian would be fitting.
Alan, whose dad hailed from Keane’s Road, put the film’s co-director Jeff Simpson in touch with Sean Egan Art Glass, and the rest as they say, is history!
Sean Egan Art Glass, based in the Kite Design studio, was established in April 2009 by Sean Egan, a former Master Engraver with Waterford Crystal with almost 40 years experience.  Renowned for his 9/11 Twin Towers commemorative sculptures, it was widely agreed that Sean’s skill, creativity and flair would allow him to create a flat glass piece replicating the film’s poster.
According to Sean Egan it was a great honour to be asked to create the piece.  “I’ve always been a huge Monty Python fan and loved Chapman in his role as Brian in The Life of Brian.  When I got a call from Jeff Simpson, I realised how important this piece was.”
“The poster was replicated in every minute detail and the Python crew were presented with it a few weeks ago, fittingly enough at the Angel Pub, where the story began!”
Using copper and diamond tipped wheels, the piece, which stands 26 inches high and secured in a wooden base has been signed by the cast and will accompany them on their promotional tour worldwide.  Jeff Simpson, co–director of “A Liar’s Autobiography” was delighted with the result.  He said “It’s wonderful to have a truly unique work of art to represent our truly unique film.  Sean’s work had pride of place at an event in London honouring Graham Chapman, and all of his friends and family thought it was a most fitting memorial to Graham.”
Mr. Ciaran Cullen, CEO, Waterford City Enterprise Board, which supports the Kite Design Studio project and the business within, added that it’s fitting that Sean’s talent is being recognised internationally.  He said, “It’s great to see Sean’s business doing so well and getting the recognition it deserves.” 
“Sean’s portfolio is particularly impressive having worked with the US Embassy on his renowned 9/11 commemorative sculptures and his most recent work with the Monty Python team on this glass poster replica.”
Mr. Cullen added “His work in the USA has garnered quite a lot of attention and we are delighted that Sean in currently in negotiations with Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the US House of Representatives, with plans afoot to create a glass sculpture of the House of Representatives.  There certainly are exciting times ahead and Waterford City Enterprise Board is delighted to provide assistance to such a forward thinking venture as Sean Egan Art Glass.”
For further information about Sean Egan Art Glass visit or call 051 858914.