Mason McGee Hearing, formerly Tower Hearing, celebrates new look and new premises.

Tower Hearing, formerly of Parnell Street, has moved to new premises on the Cork Road. Not only is the team enjoying its new home at Manor House, they are also delighted to announce their new brand name – Mason McGee Hearing.

Rosie Mason and Mary McGee of Mason McGee Hearing have between them an extensive amount of professional experience of working in the field of hearing loss. Rosie Mason is a qualified audiologist with over 30 years’ experience in hearing testing and fitting hearing aids and Mary McGee is a qualified hearing therapist having returned from the UK after practicing there for 14 years.

Since opening its doors in Waterford almost three years ago, Rosie and Mary have noticed a marked increase in demand for their services. In fact, in 2008 a report was published which presented results of an extensive study of scientific research on the social and economic impacts of hearing loss. This report showed that one in six adults in Europe suffer from hearing loss. That equates to 12,000 adults in County Waterford so nearly every family is affected by hearing loss.

Rosie says “A hearing loss can easily develop without you noticing. If your hearing deteriorates a tiny bit every few months after a few years you would be missing a lot, but you might not be aware of the very gradual change. Family, friends or colleagues can be aware of difficulties long beforehand.”

“Listening in background noise is often particularly troublesome even with a hearing aid. Hearing loss not only affects communication but results in the listener being more mentally fatigued than people with normal hearing after listening to speech in a noisy place.”

At Mason McGee Hearing, the team is uniquely placed to work with this problem with their combined training and experience. They not only work with all levels of hearing loss but offer those troubled by tinnitus (ringing in the ear) a Tinnitus Management Programme too.

Mary McGee added “Whilst most of us take hearing for granted, those who suffer from hearing loss may feel isolated and avoid social and group situations. With any degree of hearing loss there are some ‘tactics’ you can use that will make communication easier.”

Mason McGee Hearing is delighted to host a free Open Day at the new premises on Tuesday, November 23rd from 10am to 4pm. Throughout the day the team will be on hand to answer any queries visitors may have about any aspects of hearing. There will also be free hearing tests and free checks and cleaning of any existing hearing aids.

For more information about the Mason McGee Hearing Open Day at Manor House (entrance through John Rohan Auctioneers), Cork Road, just call 051 852918 or call along on the day between 10am and 4pm. This event is free and all are welcome to attend.