Local Enterprise Office Waterford helping Waterford Businesses get Brexit Ready

From October 31sthow we trade with the UK will change profoundly.  Waterford companies that trade with the UK will need to take steps to mitigate the impact of trading with a non-European Union country and once the UK leaves the European Union and Customs Union, it will be regarded as a “Third Country.”

However, it will not just be customs and supply chain management that will be impacted by Brexit.  Compliancy surrounding certificates and licences will also need to be adapted to remain valid post-Brexit.

Certificates, licences and authorisations are required for trade in the EU for many types of goods such as medical devices and construction products, and for services such as those within the transport sector.  If you rely on certificates, licences or authorisations issued by UK bodies, in the event of a no-deal Brexit, these may no longer be valid in the EU post-Brexit. Similarly, when the UK leaves the EU, the UK bodies may no longer have the authority to issue certificates or licences within the EU.

To avoid disruption and delays, businesses are advised to take the necessary steps to ensure they are compliant with EU rules:

  • You need to check whether your current certifications, licences or authorisations will be valid post-Brexit. If you are a member of a professional body, they may be able to advise you further.
  • In the event of no deal, UK Notified Bodies will lose their status as EU Notified Bodies from the withdrawal date. If you rely on UK Notified Bodies for conformity assessment and/or CE Marking, you will need to arrange to either transfer existing certificates, licences or authorisations to an EU27 Notified Body or to obtain new ones altogether. You can check the EU Commission NANDO website https://ec.europa.eu/growth/tools-databases/nando/for a list of designated EU Notified Bodies.

If you source products from the UK, post-Brexit, you will no longer be considered a distributor but instead classified as an importer. In certain instances, this carries additional responsibilities. These may include checking whether your manufacturers have carried out the appropriate assessments, documentation and legal obligations.

You should contact your suppliers, service providers, logistics companies, wholesalers or distributors for assurances about their services post-Brexit. You are also advised to contact your professional body who may have additional advice for you.

Louise Grubb, Founder of TriviumVet, which develops patented pharmaceutical products for companion animals, has taken precautions to ensure compliance in certification procedures. 

“The life sciences sector is already highly regulated and a no-deal Brexit will signal the end of the UK’s participation in the European regulatory network.  This is guaranteed to bring further challenges and obstacles to all companies in the medical, pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors.”

“For a company such as ours, we have to ensure that not only do our products fully comply with the new regulations, but that we retain the highest international standards certification to trade in new global markets.”

Richie Walsh, Head of Enterprise at Local Enterprise Office Waterford said that the implications of a no deal Brexit will have repercussions for businesses of all scales.  “It’s not only customs and supply chains that will be disrupted, certification and licensing are also in the firing line.  Local Enterprise Office Waterford would urge any business that trades with or through the UK to make preparations now that will minimise disruption and curtail unexpected costs.”

“Local Enterprise Office Waterford, in collaboration with government agencies, is providing a range of programmes and advisory supports to help Waterford businesses prepare for impact.”

“We would recommend that businesses, if they haven’t done so already, complete a Brexit Preparedness checklist.  This will help them identify the issues that need addressing urgently.  We have appointed a panel of Brexit-specific mentors, are currently running a series of free Brexit clinics and have deployed a dedicated #BrexitReady advisor to provide information and direction regarding each businesses’ Brexit vulnerability.”

To avail of expert advice, information and practical supports, such as the Brexit Preparedness checklist to help your business manage your Brexit response visit http://bit.ly/BrexitReadyLEO

If you have any queries regarding your business and Brexit, talk directly to LEO Waterford #BrexitReady advisor, David Walsh, by calling 0761 102 905 or email dawalsh@waterfordcouncil.ie