Is Pain Affecting Your Game?

What do Graeme McDowell, Tiger Woods and more than 75% of the golfers in the PGA have in common? They receive regular chiropractic care. Amateur golfers can also reap the performance-boosting rewards of regular care. 

John Dineen of Dynamic Chiropractic in Waterford in conjunction with Ryan Hunt PGA Golf Manager at Faithlegg Golf Club is launching a golfers health initiative this July.  Both are offering expert consultations at Sienna Home Furnishings in the city (opposite John Mitchell’s golf) as part of their ‘Is pain affecting your game?’ afternoon on Saturday July 14th from 2pm to 5pm.

Proper posture – both on and off the course – is key to avoiding golf-related injuries and improving your game. For instance a level back swing is dependent on proper posture. A back swing is actually two motions in one: the up-down movement of the arms and the rotation of the body – both directly dependent on spinal health. That is why a healthy spine is so vital to a golfers’ game. If the spine is restricted the swing will be restricted. 

If we tend to sit, sleep and lift in the incorrect positions during the week, we tend to accumulate tightness in our bodies. Then when we unleash all on the 1sttee problems can quickly follow, as well as compromised performance. While the correct clubs appropriate to your height are very important, equally important could be your armchair chair, if it leaves you slouched and strains your spine.

Warming up is essential.  However, despite overwhelming evidence supporting the need to warm up, most golfers remain cold to the idea.  An integrated and complete approach is often best when succeeding in any sport.  So perhaps next time you are trying to scrape a shot or two off your round remember the importance of all that happens to your body before you even place your tee.

Dynamic Chiropractic is an established Waterford city centre practice that specialises in the manual care of pain and injury. Computerised gait analysis is also used at the clinic to diagnose incorrect biomechanics of the foot. Effective treatment can help optimise performance in all of life’s activities, including golf. 

Ryan Hunt PGA Golf Manager at Faithlegg Golf Club in Waterford agrees, “In general the back is such an important part of the body no matter what physical activity you are carrying out.  And when it comes to the golf swing this is very true! In an ideal set up position the spine needs to be kept relatively straight as the body bends forward at waist level, this position needs to be maintained for the majority of the swing up until the finishing position.
The source of golfers back pain can originate from lack of flexibility, faulty swing mechanics and lack of physical ability to name but a few. These problems can ease overtime through exercise or other assistance such as providing your back with proper support when resting or sleeping. If the golfer gives his/her back the attention it deserves, overtime the golfer will reap the benefits resulting in improved strength/stability, correct swing mechanics and more importantly a true, powerful golf swing.”

For back-care while you are sleeping, Sienna has the most comprehensive collection of high quality beds, mattresses and pillows available in the South East. The latest innovations in bed and mattress technology, including memory foam, latex and gel beds are all available from Sienna who also exclusively stock the Bed Tailor® Collection which offer as selection of natural fillings such as cotton, wool, mohair, cashmere and silk.  These naturally breathable filling provide a cooler sleep surface, and combined with the most advance spring technologies, to provide the ultimate support for the natural curvature of the spine.   
Sienna has a number of exclusive seating products that are specifically suited to assist individuals with back problems, products such as Zerostress®, a collection of reclining armchairs and sofas which are specifically designed to promote good sitting posture. The fully trained and certified team at Sienna are on hand to help you make the bed or seating choice that is right for you. 

For more information on back care for golfers avail of your free expert assessment and consultation with John Dineen of Dynamic Chiropractic and Ryan Hunt PGA Golf Manager at Faithlegg Golf Club at the Sleep Room in Sienna Home Furnishings at the Tramore Road Business Park in Waterford City, anytime from 2pm to 5pm this Saturday July 14th

And the good news is, anyone who attends the assessment at Sienna on the 14th is entered into a draw for a €200 voucher from John Mitchell’s Golf, which is located opposite Sienna Home Furnishings.