Home Instead Senior Care and Mulligan’s Pharmacy promote the importance of the PIP

Several years ago one of the market leaders in the pharmaceutical sector revealed that in emergency situations, many patients were unable to convey their medical history and conditions to emergency staff. In some cases this lack of information became an impediment to proper care.

As a result the Personal Information Pack (PIP) was devised with vulnerable populations in mind, such as older people, the majority of whom have medical conditions and also those with long-term illnesses, e.g. diabetes or asthma.

The PIP contains all relevant information, including a brief medical history, current medication, next of kin, donor status, doctor and allergies. It is stored in the refrigerator, a common location for emergency staff to check and the least likely place to be compromised by fire. A notice is also put beside the hall door signalling that a PIP is in the refrigerator and emergency personnel will look out for this.

Speaking to B2B Communications Danette Connolly of Home Instead Senior Care Waterford has been stressing the significance of the PIP in ensuring seniors receive the most appropriate care. “The PIP, when used correctly, is an invaluable aid for seniors to inform family and friends of their medical history and conditions, in case of an emergency.”

“The research conducted by Pfizer found that over half of children said their parents were on a prescription medicine but 77% did not know the name of the medicine. What is equally worrying was that 1 in 5 did not know the name of their parent’s doctor.”

“The PIP contains all of this crucial information about a patient and if the need arises for emergency services to be involved, they will have ready access to their medical history.”

In a joint promotion with Mulligan’s Pharmacy of Tramore, PIP’s will be available free and there will also be advice on hand from Home Instead personnel and Mulligans’ staff about the most effective ways to use the PIP.
Niall Mulligan, Pharmacist, Mulligans Pharmacy said “Any publicity that focuses the spotlight on the PIP is good publicity. Many of our customers are prescribed a wide range of medicines. In order to keep track of that history and to guarantee the best medical care when needed the PIP is crucial.”

PIP’s are available free of charge from Mulligans Pharmacy, Tramore and a Home Instead consultant will also be available to answer any queries in relation to medication safety. You can also pick up copy of “The Pensioners Handbook” – a guide to services to seniors in Ireland from Home Instead Senior Care or Mulligan’s Pharmacy of Tramore.

For further information log onto http://www.homeinstead.ie/ or call Home Instead Senior Care Waterford on 051 333966.