Home Instead issues Budget Advice for Seniors

The announcement of the Four Year Plan (National Recovery Plan 2011 – 2014) saw social welfare payments reduced by €3bn. Despite the retention of the State pension at its current level, the €3bn. social welfare reduction coupled with new health charges is expected to be felt by seniors.

In light of this Home Instead Senior Care has issued some pertinent advice to seniors to cope with cuts to social welfare entitlements.

Danette Connolly, Director of Care at Home Instead Senior Care Waterford said, “Unfortunately the prognosis is not good and everybody is expecting to take a hit with the announcement of the Four Year National Recovery Plan and the upcoming Budget 2011. However, there are ways that seniors in particular should be able to make slight adjustments to their spending in order to get the most from their pension, savings and any supplementary income.”

Some of the measures include:

Make sure you are aware of all of your entitlements. In many cases seniors are entitled to claim for transport, medical costs, tax relief and grants for home care etc. All the information on these can be found in The Pensioner’s Handbook available free from the Home Instead office in Waterford 051 333966.

Compare the costs from service providers, particularly when it comes to home and motor insurance policies. Shop around for discounted policies for seniors.

When it comes to your grocery bills again the advice is to shop around. Many “own brands” are cheaper than brand labelled goods. As goods sold under the store brand are subject to the same regulations are branded goods, you can expect the same quality, with the bonus of a significant cost saving.

Another way to save on household costs is to turn it off! Turn the lights off when leaving a room and switch appliances off rather than leaving them on standby. This will save up to 20% of your appliances’ energy use.

Always ask for discounts at the beginning of a transaction. Many businesses and services now offer “senior” discounts, particularly hairdressers, hotels and transport companies. If they are on offer, make sure to ask for them.

Regularly check your refrigerator, freezer and drawers. Use up food that is within its best before date before purchasing more of the same food stuffs. Also check the door seal is in good condition.

Home Instead Senior Care provides services to seniors in their own homes and is approved by the HSE. Its caregivers help clients maintain their independence by assisting them with activities of daily living such as meal preparation, laundry, shopping, light housekeeping, driving and incidental transportation.

To find out more about Home Instead Senior Care call 051 333966 or visit http://www.homeinstead.ie/