Getting your back in shape!

John Dineen of Dynamic Chiropractic in Waterford in conjunction with the Chiropractic Association of Ireland is launching an important health initiative this May and offering expert consultations at Sienna Home Furnishings in the City as part of their ‘Get your back in shape’ afternoon on Saturday May 12th.

A recent survey indicates that 80% of people will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives and statistics further indicate that this figure is due to increase particularly amongst the younger age group. Symptoms of back pain may range from muscle ache to shooting or stabbing pain, limited flexibility and range of motion, an inability to stand straight, leg pain or numbness and/or pins and needles. Further problems of a spinal origin can include neck and shoulder pain, arm pain, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome and many more.
But when was the last time you had someone check your spine? An objective chiropractic physical examination can detect problems long before symptoms appear. Strangely, despite the fact that back pain is one of the largest single reasons for taking time off work, most people still live in the hope that the spine will take care of itself.

John Dineen of Dynamic Chiropractic in Waterford has a treatment approach that involves establishing the root cause of pain, symptoms and injury, leading to long term resolution. He also specialises in gait correction and orthotic prescription, enabling optimum biomechanics to assist in the achievement of optimum results. He utilises all aspects of chiropractic care, along with acupuncture, deep tissue work and detailed computerised analysis to achieve results.
But why is Sienna Home Furnishings so interested in spinal awareness?

It’s very simple Sienna has a number of exclusive products that are specifically suited to assist individuals with back problems. Products such as Zerostress®, a collection of reclining armchairs and sofas which are specifically designed to promote good sitting posture. Zerostress® Reclining Armchairs and Sofas are designed and manufactured to outstanding German quality standards and are supported by a comprehensive 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee. This high quality, design-led furniture can be customised to suit each individual’s preferences in terms of size, both height and width, style, with numerous models to choose from and are available in an extensive choice of both leather and fabric covers.

For back-care while you are sleeping, Sienna has the most comprehensive collection of high quality beds, mattresses and pillows available in the South East. The latest innovations in bed and mattress technology, including memory foam, latex and gel beds are all available from Sienna.

The Bed Tailor® Collection, available exclusively at Sienna, offers individuals to opportunity to have a bed custom built, to meet their exact requirements: a truly bespoke service. A choice of comfort level, (soft, medium or firm), any width, any length and any height can be accommodated. It is even possible to have two different levels of comfort in the same mattress to satisfy those couples who have different preferences. All Bed Tailor® beds offer a choice of natural fillings including cotton, wool, mohair, cashmere, silk and hempure. These fillings, with their natural insulating properties, ensure a comfortable night’s sleep, while naturally regulating body temperature. These natural fillings combined with the industry’s most advanced spring technologies, provide the ultimate support for the natural curvature of the spine. 

Sienna Home Furnishings has a dedicated Sleep Room, a separate discreet area away from the rest of the store, where you can take your time to try the large selection of beds on offer and where their fully trained and certified staff is on hand to help you make the bed choice that is right for you. 

For more information on back pain log onto or avail of your free expert assessment and consultation at the Sleep Room in Sienna Home Furnishings at the Tramore Road Business Park in Waterford city, anytime from 2pm to 5pm this Saturday May 12th.