Fight for Sight donates to Temple Street Hospital

Fight for Sight, the national charity for the prevention of sight loss, based in Waterford, recently presented a Dual Band Laser Ophthalmoscope valued at € 8,500 to Temple Street Hospital.

This equipment is vital for babies born with eye disorders which cause blindness. It was presented to Professor Michael O’Keeffe who stated that it was “invaluable in preventing blindness in these babies.” 
Mr. Bertie Rogers, C.E.O. Fight for Sight said “It’s a shame that the HSE could not support Temple Street by supplying this equipment.  It is only for the generosity of ordinary people donating to fundraising that this equipment could be purchased.”
Since its Establishment in 1985 the Irish Fight for Sight charity has raised more than €2.5m through continuous fund raising programmes and donations. The money raised has been used to fund; 
                   Eyebank Ireland a national donor eyebank which supplies donated corneas
                   to Irish Hospitals for transplant operations

The purchase of eye equipment including YAG lasers, scanners and 
specular microscopes for the Regional Hospitals and Health Boards in 
Cork, Galway, Waterford and Kilkenny.

                  Research projects into Cornea transplantation, optometric research and 
                  diseases such as Glaucoma and Cataracts

                   Free Nationwide screening for Glaucoma