Enterprising Wexford woman launches on line Health Directory

It has often been highlighted that during times of recession a new generation of self made entrepreneurs springs up to take the economic bull by the horns. One such enterprising individual is Wexford woman Catherine Breen, who recently launched Health Directory.ie.

Health Directory.ie is Ireland’s newest dedicated on-line health directory tailored specifically to conventional and alternative health practitioners and service providers. The premise of the website is to give the general public free access to a myriad of information about practitioners in the island of Ireland.

Health Directory.ie is the brainchild of New Ross woman Catherine Breen, a practicing beauty, body and complementary therapist with almost 13 years experience. According to Ms. Breen, Health Directory.ie will give users comprehensive and up to date information about professionals working in the health and well being sectors in Ireland.

“The concept is quite simple. We wanted users to make an informed decision when it comes to their health issues. Health Directory.ie is an easy to navigate site containing contact and web site details about a host of conventional and alternative practitioners, such as G.P.’s, dentists, physiotherapists, chiropodists, nutritionists, counselors, children’s health professionals and so much more. In fact the list is almost inexhaustible.”

“Each county features a selection of professionals so it makes it easier for the user to find out about who is practicing in their location, which organisations they are affiliated to and what areas of therapy they specialise in. In order to offer a comprehensive site we have made the registration process for practitioners very straightforward and in fact it only takes a few minutes on line.”

The initiative has received grant aid from local enterprise and development organisations. Eileen Dake of Wexford Local Development said “It is encouraging to work with such an energetic and innovative individual as Catherine. By allowing users to know about the health services available to them the decisions they make will be more measured.”

“These are the kind of projects that Wexford Local Development is willing to support and encourage as the potential for growth and expansion and the subsequent opportunity to create local employment is paramount to our economic recovery.”

Tom Banville of Wexford County Enterprise Board added, “Catherine has showed a true enterprising spirit which is refreshing to see in today’s economic climate. Wexford County Enterprise Board is confident that Health Directory.ie will flourish and as an organisation that supports start-ups we are delighted to give Catherine the backing she deserves.”

For further information about the health services and practitioners in your area, visit http://www.healthditectory.ie/ or call 086 8801070.