Completion of M9 means Suir Bridge more vital than ever

The opening of the completed M9 is yet another milestone for Waterford and the South East region. The Motorway now links directly from the Suir Bridge Waterford to Dublin. The Suir Bridge is pivotal in providing a regional gateway for the entire southeast.

Declan Cahill, Operations Manager for the Suir Bridge expressed his optimism for the future, “It is our hope that the opening of the final phase of the M9 will play a part in the economic growth and regeneration of the Waterford area and the entire Southeast region, to the benefit of all.”

This new section of motorway provides improved access to and from the city of Waterford via the Suir Bridge and marks the completion of the M9 major inter-urban route connecting Dublin and Waterford. It also impacts on the greater southern and eastern regions. Figures confirmed by the National Roads Authority reveal that significant journey time savings from East Cork, South Tipperary and Waterford to Kilkenny, Carlow and Dublin can be achieved.

A journey from East Cork or West Waterford to Dublin can be signnificantly reduced via the Suir Bridge. Twenty minutes can be saved by using the bridge as an alternative to traversing Waterford City, but now as an integral part of the M9 it combines with the M9’s time savings to Kilkenny, Carlow and Dublin.

According to Mr. Cahill, the success in opening this section marks another significant piece in the national programme of infrastructure development. The enhanced road infrastructure of which the M9 is an important component will improve road safety and shorten journey times. Further critically it will afford both the Waterford and Kilkenny regions opportunities for increased inward investment and assist in attracting foreign investment which is so vital for increased employment and development.

Additionally, the improved road network will aid tourists in accessing a full range of offerings from the Irish hospitality industry throughout the southeast.

This early opening will assist both business and tourism along the entire route for easier access to Kildare, Carlow, Kilkenny and Waterford.
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About Celtic Roads Group:

Celtic Roads Group is an international consortium which brings together both national and international organisations with diverse skills across construction contracting, facility management and financing. Companies involved with Celtic Roads Group include, National Toll Roads, BAM PPP and Iridium of Spain. CRG is also responsible for three PPP schemes throughout the country including:

1. The M1 / Dundalk Western Bypass
2. The M7/M8/ Portlaoise Scheme.
3. Suir bridge operations in Waterford