Brown is the New Green with Mr. Binman – Householders to get new Bin Service Free of Charge

Mr. Binman, the award-winning waste recycling company, is leading the “recycling revolution” by offering the people of South Tipperary a free organic waste collection service.

As one of the country’s most progressive and environmentally conscious waste management companies, Mr. Binman is hoping to help drastically increase Tipperary’s recycling levels by encouraging people to reduce, reuse and recycle more.

Joe Cleary of Mr Binman was delighted to introduce this ground-breaking free service to Tipperary. According to Joe Cleary, there are no hidden charges, no catches or small print here. “It’s very simple. Tipperary is recycling a lot but we feel we can increase it further by introducing an organic waste collection service to our customers. This is in line with Government and Local Authority driven legislation but we are introducing to our customers first so they will have the benefit of it.”

He added “We are rolling out this new bin service to our customers in the main towns in South Tipperary currently but we will be rolling it out to other areas in the near future. You will be getting a new bin, free of charge, to put all your food waste and garden waste into and this will be sent for composting which means the material will be re-used. This material would previously have ended up going to landfill which is detrimental to the environment”

According to Mr. Cleary, the organic material will sent for composting to another Tipperary based company, Acorn Recycling.

“Mr Binman currently delivers its brown bin waste to an EPA licensed composting facility owned and operated by Acorn Recycling in Littleton, Thurles, Co Tipperary. At Acorn Recycling’s facility, the organic bin waste collected from our customers will be turned into compost that is reused in the horticultural and amenity markets. This demonstrates our commitment to recycling as much material as we can and also our commitment o operating in compliance with current waste legislation”.

Cleary added “By making small modifications in our day to day practises, small but significant steps such as reducing, reusing and recycling our waste can make a big difference.”

Mr Binman has been honoured as Repak Recycling Contractor of the Year on three occasions and the more material that is recycled, the less waste going to landfill which is better for this and future generations.

Mr Binman is a family owned and run company and employs over 300 people in the Munster region in the waste collection and recycling business.

For further information and details of where to obtain details on Mr. Binman’s service or the new organic waste collection service, log onto or call 1890 92 92 41.