B2B Communications receives marketing award for Mr. Binman campaign

The Mr. Binman marketing campaign received an award at this year’s South East Marketing Institute Annual Gala Ball.

The overall campaign ran across several mediums including press, radio, outdoor, PR, on line and direct marketing.

The initial strategy was to position Mr. Binman as a good value alternative to the incumbents. By tapping into the national mood for change and using the strap line ‘Make the change today to the green revolution’. Mr. Binman adopted a specific ‘revolutionary’ theme and a ‘Russian revolution’ design style.

Following the success of this campaign Mr. Binman evolved the message and changed its strategy to a softer, community image. The strap line evolved to ‘Join the Mr. Binman family today’ and the branding also switched to a more ‘green’ image.

The radio campaign had a particularly potent effect and tied in with some well known famous families – and one, in particular, that celebrated a certain wedding recently!

Big congrats to Account Director Jonathan and Designer David!!