A “plane” and simple solution to overcome the fear of flying!

You’ve booked your summer holiday flight or you have to attend a business meeting in the UK and all you feel is fear…fear of boarding a plane, fear of taking off, fearing of being in the air and fear of landing!
European Aviation College (EAC), a new pilot training college based at Waterford Airport, will host a series of one day courses from January to alleviate the fear of flying, a phobia that affects one in five people.
The course is the brainchild of Gillian Chiavacci, Head of Training at EAC. “We decided to develop and offer fear of flying courses to the public, as it is a phobia that affects almost 20% of the world’s population.  It is a common condition which can be debilitating.  In its most moderate form, it makes flying uncomfortable and unenjoyable, but an extreme phobia can lead people to become overwrought, stressed, anxious and more often, avoid flying at all costs.”

The course is practical and hands-on, delivered by experienced airline pilots.  Waterford pilot David Flynn, Course Instructor with EAC, has over ten years’ commercial flying experience.  He commented, “Evidence suggests that the main fear of flying stems from lack of knowledge, basically we fear the unknown.  The premise of the Fear of Flying course is to familiarise attendees with the workings of the aircraft, the causes of turbulence, an explanation of in-flight noises, dealing with anxiety and flight preparation.”
“The course is conducted over one day at Waterford Airport and gives attendees practical and hands-on knowledge, which empowers them to overcome their fear of flying,” David said.
“There has been a huge amount of interest already and in fact, we have seen an increase in referrals from G.P.s.” Gillian added.  “Many with aviophobia who can’t avoid flying, perhaps due to work or necessary overseas travel commitments, will either medicate or take alcohol, both of which can have adverse consequences. Alcohol can cause dehydration, particularly at an altitude of 35,000 feet.”

If you want to find out more about the European Aviation College’s Fear of Flying course, visit www.europeanaviationcollege.ie, call051 843436 or email info@europeanaviationcollege.ie.